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ANCHOR AGENCY is a multi-tasking structure launched early 2016, focusing on developing artists, helping them grow their fanbase and spread their music. We help produce smart and meaningful content that give artists their own aesthetic and brand and express their vision.

Having been active in the music industry for years, we have acquired actual experience, knowledge and contacts that now enable us to provide our artists with proper advice and guidance to be profitable for the rest of their music career.

By constantly working with new people, extending our network and being on the road, we continuously acquire more knowledge and relationships that make our service continually evolve, stay sharp, relevant and fit with the codes of an ever-evolving market.


Aside from helping young bands develop, we have the resources and abilities to help larger bands develop strategic campaigns for tour marketing, album releases, daily community management, video releases, continued growth and more.


Some of the specific services our team provides include content creation, scheduling and budgeting, release and development strategy, branding, digital marketing and sales development, management, booking, social media upkeep and community management, and much more.

our services.


Thanks to a wide network of promoters across Europe and the UK, we have booked over a hundred tours since our launching, featured our artists on renown festivals, and collaborated with several other artists and agencies to put together coherent, mutually beneficial tour packages.  



We provide aspiring and ambitious artists a full range of tailor-made services, backed by years of experience as managers, promoters, booking agents, tour managers and more, and a disciplined and committed work ethic. Passionate, driven and dedicated, we pride ourselves with the strong relationships we build with artists we genuinely believe in.

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